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** New Production Tutor ** We Welcome ROB TISSERA :D

Super Excited to Welcome our new Production Tutor to our Team here at Melodies Dj Academy!

As well as being a absolute legendary Dj and Producer, Rob is actually one of the most humble and nicest guys you could meet :)

Enjoying continued  fantastic success and regular chart topping releases , Rob can help you make the track of your dreams!

So if you were thinking of learning production and getting your track in those Beatport & Traxsource charts, Now is the time to book in with Rob!

Check out his course content on the Ableton Course Page to see what you will learn.

He will be teaching on both a one-to-one and small group basis so get in touch for more details /Availability and prices on

In the meantime , Heres a few more words about Rob :)



Rob Tissera has been on the scene since the early beginnings of house music in 1988.

Since then he’s not only travelled the world as a international house and hard house DJ but he is a founding father of the club phenomenon Kissdafunk.
He’s recently mixed the new KISSDAFUNK album along with the squatters. The album was a ‘featured’ release on beatport, Juno & Itunes.

He has played at every major hard house gig on the planet including storm, hard house heaven, frantic, sundissential, polysexual, insomniacz and all of the tidy weekenders to name but a few.

Rob is also Creator of the seminal dance classic ‘The Day Will Come’ as his alter ego Quake with Ian Bland. The track along with many others has appeared on a raft of ‘Best of’ house music compilations and is currently riding high in the beatport, juno and charts with brand new mixes from several top level remixers.

the Heatbeat mix was heavily championed by Armin Van Buuren on his ASOT radio show and a host of the best dj’s on the planet.

He has also released tracks on many of the best hard dance labels including Tidy, Nukleuz , Y2K & Masif. ‘He has had 7 top five releases in the chart in the past 12 months.
Rob has already had 3 number 1 singles in the Trackitdown charts in 2015.
Stay’, ‘freefalling’, ‘Burning’ and ‘the day will come’ have been featured on the biggest hard dance compilations time and time again.

Over the years Rob has received constant support by Galaxy, capital fm, Kiss, radio 1 and many internet radio stations. He has also performed on the radio 1 essential mix and been broadcast live from ibiza on the Radio One Dave Pearce Dance Anthems show.

Rob is a true musical chameleon. he has successfully played and produced literally anything from house, electro, old skool, trance through to hard house.

He has also recently released several house productions under his new alter ego BOBBY TEE alongside writing partner Marc Williams. Their last 3 releases have been signed up by mason records and conkrete digital & Ulybug records. He has also been recording under the guise of MAISON ALL STARS too along with Marc Williams & Ian Bland.
Rob has had 3 top 5 singles in the Traxsource house chart in the last 3 months.

Rob has been lucky enough to play at every major festival and at the very best venues across britain and the rest of the world. He has recently played at CREAMFIELDS for 2015 and he has just returned from touring Australia and New Zealand.

His Knowlege of Ableton is second to none. He will be able to guide you through every element of the programme and assist you in making the best music you have ever made.

Even after more than 20 years in the business, rob is still able to remain fresh & current due to his versatility and he loves every single minute of it!!!
current releases :

Bobby Tee & Marc Williams – Make Me Fel – Mjuzeekal Education
Bobby Tee & Mark Williams – Give Me Tonight – House Arrest
Bobby Tee & Mark Williams – Own Skin – Ulybug Records
The Original & Dancing Divas – I Luv you Baby – Dancing Divas & Bobby Tee Remix BK & Rob Tissera – So Good – Slam recordings

Steve Hill , Technikal & Rob tissera – Catch – Masif Recordings.


NALAYA, PARADISE 45 (BOBBY TEE & MARC WILLIAMS REMIX) #9 TRAXSOURCE HOUSE CHART11081180_943983875632220_5693346668119752174_n

We Have Moved!!


After 7 ish Fab  years at Red Eric Studios/The Base in Leeds , We decided that it was time to Relocate and get somewhere bigger.

With a brand new Studio refit and exciting new ventures/Courses and Tutors,  Its all become very exciting again!

Cant wait to show you in more detail our new studio but until then here is our new address!


Melodies Dj Academy

Unit 4

Photon House

Percy Street


LS12 1EG

We are Still based in Leeds , (6 mins out of town centre to be precise!)

Look forward to seeing you soon!


Ableton Production

It gives us great pleasure to present the following piece of music.…

Jason recently completed our full production course under tuition from Saam Roberts & M-Melodie, this is the result.
Jason has created something that’s really quite special. It’s one thing to produce a song, it’s another to write something fantastic like this !

We truly cannot wait to hear what he comes up with next!

Do you want to follow Jason’s footsteps and create your own song in any genre?

Get in touch NOW to book your taster session!

Here is jays feedback :)


I have recently completed a full production course with Sam and Melodie and i can definitely say it has helped me a lot!

I already had a very basic understanding in production but this course was what i needed to help me take my productions to the next level From beginning to end everything has been explained in great detail from starting with an initial idea and building the structure, then on to editing and mixing.

i would highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to create professional level productions. I’m already working on my next track.Thanks again to Sam and Melodie , it’s been a blast. you’ll be hearing from me again soon :)



**Academy Students Perform at Made in Leeds Festival & Speedqueen!!**

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What an amazing day for the Academy!

5 very talented academy Djs were chosen to play a set at Made in Leeds Festival 2014 !

Dj Hawaii, Teigan,Bassminx and Ladyrasta all showcased their skills at the festival . The capacity of this festival was 5000 but  that didn’t bother them! They all delivered fantastic sets all in different styles of house music across the day.

Also One of the students, Danny webb  played a outstanding 3 hour set at the Speedqueen after party !

Very proud of all of them and happy to be able to offer them  this wonderful opportunity!

Watch out for the video of  the day coming soon!


Spotlight on Ableton Production Courses

Come and  Make a track with us!!
We are offering a 10% Discount for anyone booking our 8 week production course in May or June!
A few words from Academy Ableton Tutor Sam Roberts

I’ve been into dance music for as long as I can remember, but for long enough, I didn’t realise there was a difference between a dj & a producer. A producer, being the person that creates the song, and the DJ is obviously the one that plays it to the masses. The reason they’re often both referred to as a “DJ” is because a lot of producers are DJs too.

Now I’ve tried my hand at dj’ing, and even though I did put time in, I never really got to grips with it (until recently when melodie started tutoring me, but that’s a different story). I think it’s one of those things that I just didn’t click with. That didn’t quench my thirst for dance music though, and after finding out about producing dance music, I wanted to get involved.

Now, generally speaking, learning a new hobby/skill is expensive. Learning how to produce dance music usually is too, that’s the reason i taught myself. Not via self teach manuals, but by trawling the Internet night after night. In truth it took around 3 years to get to a decent standard, because, although I was learning something new every day, I had also picked up a lot of bad habits along the way. If there was a course similar to ours available at the time I was learning then id definitely have done it. It would have saved me so much time.

The main focus of this course is to give others the knowledge & tools to be able to take up this hobby relatively quickly, and in what had proven to be the most effective way. Furthermore, students won’t have to do as I did and spend hours going wrong before hand. We also want to make sure its accessible to EVERYONE, hence the reason we’ve priced the course so low. Please don’t be fooled by the price though, we aren’t running a Mickey Mouse club here. You’ll benefit from 1-1 sessions here, at the studio, in person, with either Melodie or I.

Throughout the course we’ll focus on ensuring your needs are catered for from day 1, regardless of if you’ve produced dance music before or if you’re a total beginner with zero musical knowledge.
What’s more, you won’t have to fork out for your own equipment, that will all be provided for you.

If this has appealed to you even in the slightest, I urge you to contact the academy. 1-1 Taster sessions are available so that you can see exactly what we will be getting up to in the course and if you’d just like to ask us a few questions, we’d be more than happy to help.

Afterall, learning how to write a song that might just end up being played by one of the worlds biggest DJ’s sounds far more exciting than learning to play the recorder, doesn’t it?