Ableton Live Music Production Course







Course Content :

*Drum programming

*Use of samples & loops in your productions

*Track arrangement

*Use of Ableton’s effects and mastering plug ins

*Making bass with Ableton operator and external plug ins such as Sylenth, Native

*Instruments Massive & Reveal Spire

*Use of Ableton sampler and Ableton Simpler

*Manipulating audio in Ableton

*Learning automation and using control surfaces

*Creating drum grooves

*Taking your tracks to the completion stage

*Using the session view to lay out a basic arrangement

*Use of EQ and compression

*Use of Delays and various FX

*Creating space in the mix

*Mixing down your tracks

*Grouping channels

*Use of limiter

*Programming the best drops and breakdowns for your tracks

*Understanding Midi

*Creating your own killer bootlegs & mash ups

*Use of Ableton Drum racks



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It took a while for me to decide, as usual, to actually sign myself up for the one to one DJ Tutition, but when I did, I did not regret it.

My background is in Radio, however I have for a while been interested with djing. I bought myself my book, but found the idea of learning to beat match on my own hard to grasp, I was struggling to get it.

The one to one dj tuition was brilliant, I learnt at my own pace and progressed much faster than I could have by going at it alone. It was also so much fun and Melodie is truly great at what she does so you will be learning from the best. If your thinking about getting DJ tuition, think no more, go and do it with Melodie!


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