Ableton Production

It gives us great pleasure to present the following piece of music.…

Jason recently completed our full production course under tuition from Saam Roberts & M-Melodie, this is the result.
Jason has created something that’s really quite special. It’s one thing to produce a song, it’s another to write something fantastic like this !

We truly cannot wait to hear what he comes up with next!

Do you want to follow Jason’s footsteps and create your own song in any genre?

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Here is jays feedback :)


I have recently completed a full production course with Sam and Melodie and i can definitely say it has helped me a lot!

I already had a very basic understanding in production but this course was what i needed to help me take my productions to the next level From beginning to end everything has been explained in great detail from starting with an initial idea and building the structure, then on to editing and mixing.

i would highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to create professional level productions. I’m already working on my next track.Thanks again to Sam and Melodie , it’s been a blast. you’ll be hearing from me again soon :)



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